Have you been thinking?

* I'm anxious because I'm not creating the future that I always dreamed of.
* My life is just not enjoyable.
* I'm not as passionate, focused or as successful as I should be in my work.
* My work just isn't as fun any more.
* After all this work, education and time, I'm still not living my big vision.

Sometimes we ALL need

* someone to help create a container for our hard work miracles to occur
* someone to validate our inner pain as we move out of dysfunction and brokenness to wholeness - holiness
* someone to affirm our gifts, talents and inner beauty
* someone to witness our transformation
* someone to hold open a door to a sacred space and time for healing
and then together, we can Repair the world!

You are not alone. Like many spiritually oriented leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries, you know what you want to see in your life, in your family, and in the world around you. You know the change you want to be; you envision a life filled with purpose, passion and joy for everyone, a new reality in which the material world and the spiritual world merge to create perfect balance.

You want to change what is wrong in the universe and wonder why you can’t even change your own self-sabotage patterns, beliefs and behaviors.

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What is stopping you from the success you have always envisioned for yourself in business, in life and in love?

Spiritually oriented leaders like yourself, are the visionaries of a better world tomorrow. You have expectations for yourself and for a better future. With a big vision, it's not uncommon to feel overwhelmed, frustrated and disappointed. It doesn't have to be this way.

In their own words, three clients share their thoughts on empowerment coaching with Rachel. Click photo to access:

An empowerment coach will give you the tools to change old patterns and behaviors and provide the how-to for the self-mastery that you have been searching for. Gift yourself a fresh look at the possibilities and potential that await you just behind the limiting beliefs that may be keeping you stuck.

Would you like to . . .

Feel more confident and masterful?

Be able to enjoy the power of living your purpose?

Experience more focus, discipline and clarity?

Enjoy more authentic relationships, intimacy and love?

Live a completely masterful and successful life?

Have a direct experience of connection with Divine Spirit?

Your empowerment coach has 25+ years experience with some of the most challenging and difficult personal struggles and empowerment issues.

Rachel's background encompasses energy healing, therapeutic massage and body work, Applied Kinesiology, metabolic balance and nutrition through mineral analysis, the removal of spiritual and emotional blocks, relationship transformation, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Matrix Re-Imprinting, Neuro-emotional techniques, Therapy Localization, meditation, contemplative Spiritual practices, and various other advanced coaching techniques studied and developed over time.


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